4 June 2012

Month 2: part 2 (re-twist & style)

Just an update following my last post Month 2: part 1 As you can see I hadn't retwisted in a good while, even tempted to stop all together.

The warmer weather did indeed bring about a laid-back vibe for my hair upkeep, but I'm glad I found the will to do something in the end. The loose hairs were becoming unruly and it was probably best to merge then into existing locs asap.


It certainly had it's charm, thick and care-free with the odd bit of shrinkage, but I decided as delicate babies they really do need tending to, and I even had to return to using micro rubber bands to hold the ends of a few twists in the back that haven't knitted together yet, 


So, after all that my hair is back to being fresh and cute and I think I managed to make it even cuter! Now, how'd you manage to style your noobies, I hear you ask? Well, how about some flat twists?

(click pictures to enlarge)

I was in the mood to experiment while waiting for a few locs to dry and it just so happened that I had enough length for a flat twist or two. I think I've fallen in love with my hair all over again.

Flat Twist Method: 
  1. Section off a row of locs and dampen to minimise breakage.
  2. Decide which direction you wish the twist to go in and begin by firmly tucking the end of the first loc under the root of the next.
  3. In one motion, twist the connected locs whilst moving along to tuck in the next one and continue in the same fashion.
  4. Secure once you reach the end of the row.

What do you think?
When did you try your first style and what was it?


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  1. wow, what a difference between your photos from the last post and this one. cool! it's amazing how different hair can look with a little bit of this and that. anyway, your locs are looking great.

    i tried my first style the same day even-though my dreads weren't completely finished. the ends were still loose. but i had to go to a party. so i gathered them all and did a side/over-the shoulder ponytail, and used a small scarf as a hair band. they looked better in the mirror than they did in pictures. hahaha, oh well... still had fun! :) experimenting with dreadlock hairstyles is so much fun and interesting. ;) ttyl

    1. Thanks, I hope to see some of your loc style photos soon. Still waiting for my dream ponytail one day, it's such a big deal when you've endured a big chop haha

      Hope the new month is treating you well :-)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling your hair again. They are definitely sprouting up. They're going to be even more fabulous when they mature.

    I think my first style was a raggedy pipe curler set lol I rocked it confidently but looking back, it was a little crazy.

    1. Thank you, I'm surprised how much I am still enjoying the early stages. I don't know if I have the techy patience for pipe curlers but I can imagine doing a braidout in the not too distant future.

      Take care :)