15 September 2012

Week 23

It's already mid September and I've been almost two weeks without washing my hair on the advice that I should let it be.

do you see that one in the back trying to reach my neck? haha

I'm very much appreciating the length nowadays and can't wait for what will come in the next five months. But for now the autumn winds are beginning turn and I've noticed my locs are loosing their moisture. They puffed up somewhat after a few days at the gym so I chose to retwist them without washing. I saturated my hair with my water bottle and applied castor oil to each dread. I liked the results. My hair felt soft and conditioned once they'd dried. I'm also appreciating the benefits of my satin scarf because it keeps in the moisture even now that we're starting to use indoor heating.

Oh and let me update you on my loc colouring experiment. The few that I coloured are doing well. Of course the hair is weaker and needs special attention but during the summer, while still using sweet almond oil to re-twist and moisturise, I'd already started using castor oil on the coloured locs only. I liked that the castor oil was thick and stayed on the surface longer almost like a gel coating but absorbed well after drying. It sealed in a lot of moisture - I recommend it.

coloured almost three months ago

Do you have an autumn or winter regime you'd like to share?


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5 September 2012

Month 5

I reached my five month milestone yesterday but I was less than inspired to document it. I suppose I write this post in low spirits:

Some say that loc'ing is a natural process, some go as far as to say that loc'ing is the most natural thing (afro) hair can do. But is a hairstyle that takes up to two years to fully establish really natural? Now there's a clear difference between manipulated and un-manipulated dreadlocks and perhaps this only applies to the former of which, in my own experience, feels like an impossible feat.

Here are a few thoughts on my locs: 
  • My locs don't like perspiration when I workout regularly. 
  • My locs don't like that I wash them often to combat issue number one. 
  • My locs don't like when I don't wash them often to combat issue number two.
  • My locs don't like being exposed to excessively wet conditions period.

I firmly believe that if I were to dismiss any activity involving water and leave them to it that I would in fact have dreadlocks that are well on their way and yet is there much point if I can't do these activities or enjoy my rainy climate? At this point may I point out the correlation between baby locs and a perm when it comes to maintenance?

I do have options:
  • I could interlock, this had potential but I don't have the funds or the knowhow nor is it a method I would be able to keep up with in the future. 
  • I could wait and start dreadlocks at a less active time in my life, but I want to be active for the rest of my life.
  • I could wait until my hair is much longer and start with braids or twists, would you?
  • I could even freeform, though I think I'd be less content with this process.
  • I could try rubber bands again, and I think I will, though I have concerns about thinning. Also is it true that they can prohibit the loc'ing process?

I promised a length check so here we go:
(about 2 inches growth give or take)

Day 1
Month 5
Day 1
Month 5

Day 1
Month 5

Do dreads suite your lifestyle? For any readers who don't have locs yet, think long and hard about this question before you start your own journey.


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