29 May 2014

Glitch on Blogger?

Hello all,

It appears that my blogspot has experienced an unexplained glitch. From what I can decipher, every image uploaded to the site has been corrupted and although they remain intact on my Google+ account and my computer's hard drive, nothing will display on the actually web page. As far as I can see this hasn't affected other blogspot users.

I'm not sure where to go from here. With over two years worth of images to have to potentially re-upload I wonder could anyone offer any advice as to how to regain the images on this site. Failing this I will upload a post next month and should the problem not be resolved by then I will have to discontinue this web page with a possible shift over to another blogging platform in the future.

Any input is very much appreciated.


2 May 2014

Month 25

Short update, hope you enjoy the photos. My locs have be refreshed and restored to their healthy, hydrated state after recently maintaining my hair.

go to basket weave

freshly retwisted

fresh colour - Jeans Color Chili Red

stocked up on a 400g jar
ordered from www.dolphinfitness.co.uk

I did a shower cap oil treatment with the coconut oil above and my hair is so soft and shiny but I do need to back get into the routine of wearing my head scarves to preserve the moisture. I'm so keen for some more length I'm even considering kinky twist extensions for the summer but we'll see. Other than that I'm still enjoying the journey and steady maturation of my dreadlocks.


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