26 June 2012

Week 12: The Cold Water Rinse

Continuing on a hair care theme, we move on to discuss the benefits of ending your wash routine with a cold rinse. This is a common concept within the hair community and something I have heard about in passing but rarely, if ever put into practice.

So why is a cold water rinse so good for us?

23 June 2012

Week 11: The Scalp Massage (hair shots)

We all know that a good massage can diminish stress and fill us with clarity and
relaxation but what are the benefits of scalp massage for the dreadlocked individual?

21 June 2012

Make it your Hobby: Bracelet

Hello all, we've just reached the longest day of the year (British calendar day). I'm still continuing with my loc journey and my occasional side hobby too. I'm not the craftiest of people but I do enjoy making things I can use and wear. I've also noticed it helps to have something else to focus on when waiting, eagerly, for your locs to mature and grow.

Here we have a simple three beaded leather knot bracelet with a sliding knot extender. Made from the same brown leather thread as my previous bracelet. The silver bead was purchased at funkyMo bead shop and I continued to make further use of the black beads I got from a necklace found in a local charity shop.

(click picture to enlarge)

And here's the how to video I used to finish the bracelet with a sliding knot extender.

Stay tuned for future creations and let me know about any of the crafty projects that help you pass the time.

- NaturaLocs

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18 June 2012

Natural oils: Review

Over the last two months I have been sampling a few natural oils in my regular hair maintenance and the results, in my own opinion, are as follows:

OLIVE OIL (extra virgin)

Moisture Seal: Great for sealing in moisture and it always left my hair soft.

Build-up: No build-up. No dandruff. Absorbs well after drying so it doesn't attract lint.

Itch relief: Yes, used frequently it did minimise general itching between washes.

Re-twist: Yes! Holds a re-twist very well.

Other Positives: Used sparingly it makes for a good body moisturiser post bath or shower but is too thick to be used all the time and I'm not confident about using it on my face as it can be quite oily, good for very dry skin though.

Other Negatives: The scent can be quite unpleasant when used after a vinegar rinse.

Score: 9/10

ALMOND OIL (sweet, cold pressed)

Moisture Seal: It sealed in moisture very well and left my hair very soft and manageable.

Build-up: No build-up, highly absorbent and doesn't attract dirt or lint.

Itch relief: Yes, adequate itch relief as it kept hair and scalp from drying out.

Re-twist: Yes! holds a re-twist very well.

Other Positives: An ideal face and body moisturiser, absorbs almost immediately and is non-greasy. Seemed to minimise facial blemishes though it'd require a longer trial to be sure.

Other Negatives: None

Score: 7/10

LAVENDER OIL (pure essential) + used with almond oil

Moisture Seal: Used with almond oil it held moisture wonderfully and left my hair soft to the touch.

Build-up: Very absorbent. No build-up and because of its high absorbency it didn't attract lint.

Itch relief: Virtually itch free!

Re-twist: Yes! Holds a re-twist very well.

Other Positives: flowery scent that lasts several days, often recommended as a natural insect repellant. Great for healing and moisturising the skin. A good relaxant when inhaled before bed.

Other Negatives: can be very pungent but this is based on personal preference.

Score: 7/10

ALMOND OIL (sweet, possibly refined)

Moisture Seal: It sealed in moisture quite well and softened my hair somewhat.

Build-up: No build-up but there was occasional flaking, so it's not an ideal dandruff eliminator but it does have a high absorbency so it doesn't attract dirt or lint.

Itch relief: Yes, adequate itch relief as it kept hair and scalp from drying out.

Re-twist: Not the best; worked well initially but after a couple of days some of the softer twists had loosened quite a bit.

Other Positives: Possible face and body moisturiser

Other Negatives: Softening effect doesn't last more than a few hours

Score: 5/10

COCONUT OIL (refined)

Moisture Seal: Perhaps. To begin with it left my hair very dry but when applied in larger amounts and directly onto damp hair the softness improved and left a healthy shine.

Build-up: No build-up. Minimal dandruff. Not as absorbent in my hair as olive or almond oil but does soak in eventually. Attracts some dirt and lint when dry.

Itch relief: Yes, used frequently it did minimise general itching but not as well as olive oil.

Re-twist: Yes! Holds a re-twist very well but hair can feel slightly firm or hard when dry.

Other positives: Variety of uses. Good as a body moisturiser. Not as softening on my face but absorbs well into the skin and is non-greasy.

Negatives: Not ideal for a daily spritz because it stays solid unless warmed.

Score: 3/10

The experiment taught me:
  •  there may not be a "one size fits all" product but I can benefit from multiple properties when using different oils in combination.
  •  oil in its refined form may lack some of the beneficial qualities of it's unrefined/virgin and cold pressed counterparts.
  • Quality does matter. You get what you pay for.
  • not all oils can be used in the same way or in the same quantities (i.e. coconut oil).
  • natural oils have helped to minimise my cosmetic expenses as they can be used for multiple purposes.
Dreadlocks are a lifestyle

4 June 2012

Month 2: part 2 (re-twist & style)

Just an update following my last post Month 2: part 1 As you can see I hadn't retwisted in a good while, even tempted to stop all together.

The warmer weather did indeed bring about a laid-back vibe for my hair upkeep, but I'm glad I found the will to do something in the end. The loose hairs were becoming unruly and it was probably best to merge then into existing locs asap.


It certainly had it's charm, thick and care-free with the odd bit of shrinkage, but I decided as delicate babies they really do need tending to, and I even had to return to using micro rubber bands to hold the ends of a few twists in the back that haven't knitted together yet, 


So, after all that my hair is back to being fresh and cute and I think I managed to make it even cuter! Now, how'd you manage to style your noobies, I hear you ask? Well, how about some flat twists?

(click pictures to enlarge)

I was in the mood to experiment while waiting for a few locs to dry and it just so happened that I had enough length for a flat twist or two. I think I've fallen in love with my hair all over again.

Flat Twist Method: 
  1. Section off a row of locs and dampen to minimise breakage.
  2. Decide which direction you wish the twist to go in and begin by firmly tucking the end of the first loc under the root of the next.
  3. In one motion, twist the connected locs whilst moving along to tuck in the next one and continue in the same fashion.
  4. Secure once you reach the end of the row.

What do you think?
When did you try your first style and what was it?


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3 June 2012

Month 2: part 1

The arrival of month 2 has brought with it some developments primarily, Summer is on it's way and we've enjoyed a spell of hot weather. And so my main loc objective has been to retain as much moisture as possible, which has been successful with the aid of oil and water. British weather is warm but rather humid around this time of year so the risk of dryness often stems from sweating and salt buildup rather than from dry air. It's been quite manageable; I've increased washes and water exposure in general to combat the conditions.

They continue to thicken up and the increasing length has helped them to look fuller in contrast with their scalp-y beginnings. When I first started my hair was just under an inch long which required regular re-twisting, sometimes up to three times a week. Now that I have a little more to work with I can start minimising re-twists to once a month. Two weeks after my last re-twist my hair looks like this: