3 October 2012

Month 6

So, It's official! I've finally settled in the baby loc stage and I love my little dreads. I definitely have the dryness issue under control and my maintenance routine is smoothing out.

I tried the palm roll method for the first time and I have to say I loved it!

Recently I've been getting the urge to play in my hair more and more. It's like an affection thing, the more you love it the more you want it. Thing is, there's not a lot of "loc'ing" going on at the moment and the buds I do have are battling enough as it is. Looking forward to the time when I can smile and welcome a curious hand or too onto my growing crown without fear of unravelling!

I was wondering how to celebrate half a year's dreadlocking on a budget but after enquiring at a local salon for prices, I decided to have some fun with makeup and some dread beads instead.

That's all for now!

Products I love:
  1. Pure coconut oil as a leave in conditioner.
  2. Extra virgin olive oil and water as a daily moisturiser.

I took quite a few photos this month sooooo have a look-see below (click to enlarge).

adding some colour

the colour's starting to grow out

texture close up

almost two weeks after re-twisting

using rubber bands again

a braided loc

i love this shot

experimenting with colour

shrinkage, shrinkage everywhere

new loc cuff

comb coil close up

going for the dramatic look

happy 6 month update!


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  1. I like the beads. I bought some a while ago with the intent of dressing up my dreads but never got around to it. I like how you can add some pizazz for so cheap and with little effort.

    And I'm glad you decided to let your hair do its thing for now. I think we sometimes get so excited to try new things and "do" something that we end up stressing our hair more than need be.

    I'm all for letting it come into its own first (if that makes any sense lol)

    1. Aww if you still have them, put a few in when you can and share with us.

      I think my problem was finding baby dreads to be just as high maintenance as any other hair do (unless you're freeforming).

      It's been a long journey already and my hair is very healthy thanks to the education I've gained from the web :)))

  2. They are looking lovely! Oh and coconut oil is the BOMB! Continue enjoying the journey because time flies. I can't believe its been almost 8 years for me and a little over a month for my daughter.

    1. Yes coconut oil is beautiful and I like how unlike the "hair grease days" if some gets on my skin or I have too much on my hands it's an instant body moisturiser x)

      Genuinely never had hair this soft, relaxed or natural.

      Have a good week coming for you and your family :)))

  3. Oh the confidence...
    your photo's are so cool and the eye shadow wow.
    Girl your rocking the natural look.
    and them loc babies are budding nicely.
    For some reason your hair colour has really got my attention, now you have some length. If you dont mind. What colour is it? It's really nice.
    Oh also expect a little extra attention. I have recomended your blog to a few loc newbies. (Hope you dont mind )
    Stay blessed and keep the posts comings.

    1. Heey Natty, thank you for your lovely words. Playing with shadow colours has become something of a hobby lately though I rarely wear makeup out of the house lol.

      Ah the hair colour. It's L'Oreal Paris Féria P37 Booster Plum Powder. I'm simply impressed by it's longevity :)))

      Thank you I'm always looking out for new loc'ers as I enjoy following their journeys.

      Enjoy the week to come.

  4. Hola Chica,
    it is definately matting up and looking more locked. Patience is the name of this particular game.It is really expensive to go to the loctician. But if you choose to at a later date I would recommend Locstafi it will run you £35 but I tell you, it is really worth the investment. I will no longer be going except special occasions due to budget issues and I no longer work close by. Also I really want to be able to do my hair well myself. I really enjoyed the make-up in the pictures keep em coming.

  5. I agree, patience is what is but not just having it, working on it as well. Keeping busy and introducing non-hair related activities into my life really helps pass the time. I remember month 1 feeling like a year but lately each new month seems to come just that little bit sooner.

    Tempted to get a salon hair style but like you I want to look after my own hair plus I don't really have anywhere special to go yet, but when I do...

    Thanks for stopping Coco enjoy the week! :)))