3 June 2012

Month 2: part 1

The arrival of month 2 has brought with it some developments primarily, Summer is on it's way and we've enjoyed a spell of hot weather. And so my main loc objective has been to retain as much moisture as possible, which has been successful with the aid of oil and water. British weather is warm but rather humid around this time of year so the risk of dryness often stems from sweating and salt buildup rather than from dry air. It's been quite manageable; I've increased washes and water exposure in general to combat the conditions.

They continue to thicken up and the increasing length has helped them to look fuller in contrast with their scalp-y beginnings. When I first started my hair was just under an inch long which required regular re-twisting, sometimes up to three times a week. Now that I have a little more to work with I can start minimising re-twists to once a month. Two weeks after my last re-twist my hair looks like this:

Current products:
WASH - water + baking soda
MOISTURISE - water + almond oil + lavender oil
RETWIST - water + almond oil + lavender oil

Without a re-twist it gets pretty hard to see individual locs near the crown and you'd be forgiven for thinking there was more fro than loc going on there. Also loose hairs are in abundance, but most of the locs do have knotted ends.

Overall I think they're doing as well as can be expected. Thanks for everyone's input and advice on my hair journey so far, it's surprising how much easier it can be when you have a little reassurance! Look out for part 2 here.


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