23 June 2012

Week 11: The Scalp Massage (hair shots)

We all know that a good massage can diminish stress and fill us with clarity and
relaxation but what are the benefits of scalp massage for the dreadlocked individual?

Caring for your scalp is a vital part of your overall hair care. A healthy scalp requires moisture, cleansing, and exposure to sun and natural air.

Adding regular scalp massages to your hair care routine is said to improve circulation and increase blood flow to the hair follicles which in turn will lead to steady hair growth and improved hair quality.

I tried a scalp massage today as I was washing my hair with baking soda and found it quite soothing. I was also reassured that my hair was cleaned thoroughly which left my scalp feeling refreshed. Here's a quick before and after:

(click pictures to enlarge)

the finished product

Whether loc'ed or loose, thick or wispy we might all benefit front this addition to our rountine(s).

To massage your scalp:
  1. Wet hair as normal.
  2. Once product is applied, using the pads of your fingers, gently rub in small circular motions using enough pressure to glide through the scalp easily.
  3. To enhance your experience, close your eyes and steady your mind with pleasant thoughts, breathing slowly and deeply.
  4. Be sure to massage the entire scalp.
  5. Rinse and continue as normal.

Alternatively use your favourite leave in moisturiser or natural oil and follow steps 2-4 only. Share the experience by giving a massage to a loved one and receiving one in return.

A massage should never feel painful or uncomfortable. Be sure to read all instructional information on products you choose to use. If in doubt, ask a doctor or hair care specialist.


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