18 August 2012

Week 19: The Sauna Experience

Hey everyone, busy week mid August ending with a womens retreat (my gran, mother and me) where I had my first ever steam and sauna experience and what an experience it was.

Firstly, why did no one tell me how brilliantly awesome H2O really is? I enjoyed myself so much and really took to the luxurious treatment. My gran has been going for over 30 years (and looking as youthful as ever because of it) and yet only now have I taken the plunge.

When we met up with my gran she had three bags. THREE!!! I'd barely thought to bring oil, talc and a swimming costume and was still feeling quite prepared but never could I have imagined to what true depths my grandmother's weekly sauna attendance had in store.

Inside she had; fresh aloe vera leaves, ginger, honey, nectarines (for lunch), tea tree oil, ice water, normal water in a spray bottle (for the sauna) a salt scrub, flip-flops, a shower cap, a face cloth, a towel, a rubber sitting mat, a full body steaming suite, deep conditioner, and serval pairs of exfoliation gloves.

Boy oh boy, prepared or what? And none of it was unnecessary I tell ya. All the while I followed obediently and did as she did minus the hair treatment (I'd re-twisted the day before). She steamed for 1 hour and sauna-ed for 2 more and then it was time to exfoliate, alternating between a hot shower, a cold shower, some more steaming, a deep condition, rinse (and repeat).

My skin has never had it so good. I wince in remorse for the countless hours of my young life spent pacing through various beauty care isles grabbing at the latest "Clinically Proven" miracle to go on sale. My locs reaped equal benefits. besides puffing up and needing a re-twist, they where bea-hooti-fully soft and shiny, and looked as soothed as I felt. I had a micro-panic when I felt my hair  had swollen so I decided to salvage the situation by attempting to re-twist with bantu knots, which would've been quite cute had I not been rushing. Nonetheless it preserved my parts and I didn't mind waiting until I got home.

Inspired, I made a ginger and lemon body scrub that can also be used for a moisturising scalp exfoliator. Follow up with a your favourite shampoo and deep conditioner using a steamer or shower cap and towel:


4 tbsp Brown Sugar

2 tbsp White Caster Sugar

1tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1tsp Pure Coconut Oil

1 tsp Ginger (peeled & ground)

1 ¼ tsp Lemon Juice (from concentrate)


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  1. Sounds like Grandma came prepared lol

    This post is another plus in my debate to get a steamer. They're so darn expensive but the benefits are phenomenal. I think it will be well worth it, especially once the weather cools.

    Your scrub sounds divine. I' a little skeptical about trying it in my hair but I'll definitely use it on my body.

    1. Indeed.

      eBay perhaps? Or ask around friends/family. You'd be surprised how many people have a steamer that rarely sees the light of the day, especial if you know anyone with a perm (tend to avoid using as often - water!) offer to trade for some cash and a meal?

  2. oo, you did it... sugar... your recipe looks really good... all you need is some flour and voila, you got cookie batter. :)

    your steam-sauna outing sounds like a ton of fun. and seriously your grandma rocks.

    1. haha I hope to have her energy when I'm almost 70!!

  3. It seems like your grandma is a sauna enthusiast. I’m glad you were towed by your grandma to try the sauna, since this can do a lot of good things for your body, inside and out.

  4. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your first sauna experience! There's more to it than just sweating and shredding dead skin cells. It also has health benefits, as it relaxes our body and helps in restoring its condition.

    -Lucy Eury @ iHealth Saunas