31 August 2012

Week 21: It's Naturalocs' Birthday Today!

Nautralocs turns 22.

 Today I had a party for one at 11am dancing to music from the 80's, 90's and 00's, opened my family birthday cards, had my own personal home photo shoot, travelled across town, did some window shopping, ate lunch, and visited a museum & art gallery. Now I'm off to end the evening with a meal and maybe settle down to a home movie (which was Pretty Woman in the end ♥).

This past year I:
  • got a car
  • bought a folk guitar
  • went natural
  • was accepted into a great Welsh university
  • started dreads
  • coloured my hair
  • worked as a teacher
  • fell in love with the piano all over again
  • rode two - not so scary - roller coasters
  • went to a sauna & steam room for the first time
  • gauged two of my six lobe piercings and sported some tunnels
  • lost 8lbs after deciding to ditch the car, improve my diet and exercise regularly two months ago
  • started riding a bike, again
  • saved almost £100 (holiday next year?)

What are the top three things you have done in the last year? Share below.


**photograph one is available publicly via google. all other photography ownership is held with the blog account holder. DONOT use without permission**


  1. I am lovin the photo's. Happy birthday !
    Sounds like you had a great time celebrating the event.
    The top 3 things I have done this year is
    1 buy a sewing machine ( see my next blogpost )
    2 travelled to Greece
    3 design and make my own African style bags and matching head wraps.

    1. Hey thanks,

      Boy you must have such a talent and it sounds so rewarding, whether you see someone else wearing your creations or sport them for yourself. Of course I'll be checking out your next post :)

      Take care.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    Let's see the top three things I've done this year are:

    1. Move my blog.
    2. Ditched my home phone for a cell phone.
    3. Taking informal astrology classes.


    1. Hey thank you ms, I'd say you've a job well done there. Hope you're still enjoying the classes, I can imagine with the right knowledge it could really affect life for the better.


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    3 things I've done this year:

    1. Moved my blog.
    2. Got rid of my home phone in favor of a smartphone. (typing this comment on it now)
    3. Taking a couple of informal astrology classes online.

  4. omg, i can't believe i missed this. sorry. but still want to wish you a HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!

    It's a shame blogspot doesn't email followers about updates. Or maybe i'm the only one.

    So, wow you had a really busy day and productive year. The car part was funny. And CONGRATULATIONS on getting accepted into the university!!! What a picture! It must be interesting to go to class in a castle. And the first thing that comes to mind is: how are the restrooms??? hahaha!!!

    Ok, my top 3 things (starting from last year this time):

    1. Became a blogger/plogger
    2. Made 2 cross-country road trips
    3. Got dreads

    1. Thank You violetta don't worry about it. I'm not sure why you don't get blog updates but I didn't notice you account picture has change i.e. it's blank and there's a strange orange/grey logo next your comments on my page :/

    2. Yep, I'd be the one to get the weird logo. :/ actually what happened is that i was commenting using my google email address. And one day i decided to click on my name/logo to see where it sent me. It sent me to a blogspot I no longer use. I didn't know how to prevent this. So I switched to wordpress. And now I have an aesthetically challenged logo.

    3. Aesthetically challenged hahahhaa ;) Well I'm glad you're aware of it anyway.