25 February 2013

Combined: Twelve Became Six

The thing about this constant "adjustment phase" that I'm going through is that when I started out last year I was incredibly impatient. I wanted to start my dreads immediately after cutting my relaxed hair off and the 1 inch I started with didn't make it ideal to be choosing section/dread sizes and partings and what not. So I started with a set I didn't know I'd be unhappy with because the majority of what I've learnt has been happening during the journey. Looking back it wouldn't have been possible to create the thick deads I have now with the length I had then anyway, also getting them done at a salon didn't give me full control. But all alterations aside, I am glad that a year later I still want dreadlocks. The important thing is that they'll loc up when they're ready.

I went a head and combed the 12 dreads out and lost a good amount of shed hair but I retained most of the length.

They look huge by comparison but as no one has noticed, even though they're at the front, I think they must blend quite well. At current count I have 57 dreads.

D'you know, the minute I combined them I worried that they were too big...

...days later,

I love 'em.


combined the two in the back


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  1. Your dreads and scalp look so healthy. Nice!

    I keep re-sectioning mine too. I'm glad to hear you're doing the same thing too. I'm feeling better now. :D

    1. they've been doing rather well lately. I'm equally glad to know it's natural to alter your dreads throughout the journey. People told me to leave them alone and I know they'd be further along if I had but it was something that needed to be resolved before they'd matured fully. You're one of the several people who ignited my desire for thick locs :D

  2. I love the thickies!! So pretty and healthy!! I think size confusion is a natural part of locking. I wanted tiny locs before I started. I split some of mine 2 days after I started to make them smaller... and just finished re-combining some last year at my 1 year anniversary. You're so right about how most of what you learn about locking, you learn from locking.

    1. Thanks Tracey, getting a lot of love how healthy they look. I hope they are as healthy as they look because I'm not doing a whole lot product-wise lately and I do wonder if this was a good move. Yours have transformed entirely and they suite you very well. Many years more to come :D