3 May 2013

Month 13

My locs are at an incredibly awkward length now. In the back they've reached the base of my neck for the first time in seven years. Everywhere else seems, to me, shorter than it was at Christmas but I think it's because they don't hang as easily at this size. They seem to be quite rigid but still spongey and they still want to grow up and out. I imagine thicker locs need more time to get heavy enough to hang but it's not easy having 4" tentacles sprouting up every morning.

Speaking of mornings, my getup and go routine is a little more complicated now. The added length makes it just on the cusp of style-able but it's luck of the draw as to whether it'll co-operate two days in a row:

bantu knots

scarf bun

scarf headband

Loc extensions are still on my mind. I know my hair will get to ponytail length eventually but I need to get back to low maintenance sooner rather than later. When I become a student in the autumn I want the carefree hairstyle that allows me to spend time doing more important things. I've seen a ton of DIY extension videos but we'll see where we're at come September 1st.

This week I re-lightened and re-coloured the loc I experimented with in the back after it'd finally faded enough over the last five or so months. I just wanted to be sure of the shade I'd chosen before going all the way in July.


rough ponytail and re-coloured


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  1. I kinda remember this stage. I say kinda coz I ignored how they looked and was more focussed on if they FELT right. Guess you could say I simply embraced the crazy LOL. Looking forward to how you deal, esp if you do get extensions

    1. Yeah I do wonder if they feel right too. I've yet to touch another persons locs. I hear a lot about what people embrace whilst growing natural hair but I can't see 'crazy' being a desirable thing however temporary lol

  2. I could totally kiss you for this blog! ;_; Like you have no idea lol I'm going to be starting my locs in July and unlike a lot of people, I'm also planning to go thicker in diameter. It's been HARD finding someone who actually kept up with it and actually documented it! And for this I gravel at your feet in appreciation!

    Anyways! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE your hair! OMG! I squealed the moment I found your blog lmao But yeah, I'll be starting with longer hair, though I think I'm gonna freeform. Just section my hair into coils and let my hair be. Hmm...

  3. Hi Amaiya, love the name, love the msg and love that you LOVE my hair so much! I want to see yours and I hope you'll find a place on the net to share your journey.

    How long is your hair and is it possible to persuade you to start loc'ing earlier...like tomorrow so that I can start following your journey asap?? I'm a tad obsesses with thick locs and like you I'm scouring for new blogs all the time.

    Stay in touch ("

    1. The moment I found your blog, I wanted to start mine IMMEDIATELY but alas! I want one more Afro Appreciation Day (July 4th), plus the salon I'm working in wants to make my hair a project lol (HairLoveArt Studio here in Chicago, IL/USA)

      So, yeah =P We may end up making a video about it but IDK! I was definitely gonna do week by week photos to show the progress for a cousin of mine who's interested but I'm just not sure how I'm gonna document it online =P

      Though I have about 7-10 inches of hair (my mohawk section grows ridiculously fast >.>) and once I get my trim, it'll probably be about the same-ish once I start my journey. <3

    2. Oo I'd love see what your afro/mohawk looks like too. 7-10@ is quite a feat.

      I have a ton of Q's about your hair journey, maybe start a blog here at blogger or vlog on youtube. It's certainly rewarding to look back at how you began, I only wish I could post all my photos to see my hair from every angle lol. ("

    3. I've never blogged a day in my life, so this is gonna be interesting xD But yeah, I'll keep ya posted when I decide to start it up. I'm actually in the process of looking for a new camera as we speak!

      And it looks like I'll be starting my hair off with a variation of 2-strand twists (I'll go over it in the blog but it's a different form of twist to make sure they don't unravel =3). I've been having some weird hair stuff going on because of a medication change and yeah, my curls got looser <.<" I'm definitely gonna document that and see if that'll effect my hair at all.