7 May 2013

Colour: Last Minute Change

Just a current update as my hair colouring trials continue. I'm totally amped for going red at fifteen months and I'm hoping the abrupt change will help me abstain from extensions.

You already know that last week I recoloured my test subject (baby loc in the back) but this time instead of Adore in Intense Red I opted for Crimson from the same band, hence the super bright results in my last post.

Side Note: It's been really annoying having randomly coloured locs coloured with differing shades of red for the past 9 months and so many times I've wanted to dye it all black just so it won't look so 'experimental' because I wear as it is so often. The lengths I go to eh?

But anyway having now tried three shades of red I found that they all had a very, very pink undertone meaning that in natural light it looks pink too. I've managed to avoid the orangey, fire red that I feared back in beginning but the pinky tones have bothered me so much I just had to give up and look for a different brand.

I researched all over again and settled on a handful of semi-permanent brands to try. They included Pravana, Ion, and Fudge Paintbox but non were easy get my hands on.

Now I've learnt that the simplest way to gauge what undertone a (red) dye has (if the bottle isn't clear plastic) is to either smear a drop onto a piece of white paper or mix a drop into a glass of water. If you hold either the paper or the glass up to the light it'll be clear whether you have a pink-red or an orange-red. It does mean having to buy a sample in order to test it but all hair colouring involves some risk. The good thing is that semi-permanent dyes are usually cheap.

So it's out with Adore and in with ... well, I've decided to keep the reveal until July, good or bad they'll be photos!

To find out click: Red Locs.

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