13 June 2013

Update: Progress

Just a quick one....

I've recently started using coconut oil again having finally replaced last year's purchase with a different brand that is 100% raw and unrefined. The scent has really grown on me and now that I'm comfortable with the shampoo I'm using (always diluted), I feel confident using the oil without fear of buildup, though I use it sparingly as I've become accustom to how light and clear my locs feel.

Link to quick tips regarding oils, water, moisturising, and buildup in my next post.

Today I returned to the steam room and sauna I visited last year and decided to steam my hair using the coconut oil and a shower cap. I steamed for about 3hrs before putting on the oil and cap. After another hour I rinsed thoroughly, first in warm water then cold water before towel drying. Tonight my locs feel baby soft and smell lovely. To read last year's entry click here.

My locs are coming along. The ends are starting to seal and their density is increasing. I'm not sure why it is exactly but I can tell my locs are changing. In the last week or so they're beginning, just beginning to behave a little better. The back half doesn't stick up as brutally as before and it appears more 'styled' in the mornings. For the past few days I feel like I can just about get up and go.

I'm washing my hair a few times a week to keep them fresh between workouts but of course this year they hold their own with ease. The only thing is I think the frequent moisture is preventing the inch towards the roots from loc'ing up but I'm not fighting with it this time just as long as they keep growing. They'll pick up eventually.

That's all for now.


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