3 June 2013

Month 14

Hello to all of you old and new. I've been on this journey to loc'dom for fourteen months today. Though the changes are subtle from month to month I think my locs are maturing at a steady pace these days. They're still unruly and shrinkage is still with us but my hair has been considerably more managable recently.

Research into loc extensions has firmly drawn to a close. I found it to be an expensive affair wherever I turned. Buying the hair for a DIY job is pricey and seemingly hard to find and salons (or even at home hair enthusiasts) charge hundreds if not a £1000 or more for installation! Although a worth while investment for some, I had to ask myself; (as I do with most purchases being on student budget) what is the value of true contentment...?
...And so I wait for length. The locs in the back are surpassing those in the front in growth and maturity but developments are happening all over. My locs feel different every month. Now they feel firmer than before, less spongy somehow. They're certainly a long way from the hollow coils I started out with and the compact density really makes them look like locs.

shrinkage and bed head

I used to get a lot of straggly loose hair at the tips when
I washed them but I palm-rub it back in often

On occasion I catch myself toying with thoughts of what I'd do if my hair were loose but it still doesn't really appeal to me. To be honest I don't know if my locs really appeal to me at this stage either but I'm growing with them and I do see potential.
I've seen a good many loc wearers in and around my home town recently (probably due to the warmer weather) and it's really opened my eyes to how popular this style is in the UK. But no matter how many loc'ers I see, somehow dreads still achieve that individual look. I've observed moderate uniformity and trends that various loc wearers prefer but they're all worn in very different ways. Now that I think about it, it's the years of growth and maturity that make them appear so individual and I'm sure baring through without extensions will be just as rewarding. Even when they're groomed and moulded consistently they grow naturally according to who that person is.

I like that.


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  1. Your hair is looking fantastic (as usual). I never really liked the idea of extensions, at least not for me personally. I think it's fun being able to see your hair form and change over time. =P

    But yeah, how's your hair holding up with all the re-twisting and such? I've noticed a lot of people with thicker locs have difficulties keeping them maintained for more than maybe 2-3 days.

    1. Hi amaiya, I've felt both ways about extensions over the years but the reality is that thicker dread take a time to reveal length and shrinkage isn't fun. It's not just the length but the flexibility. Once is shares to lay down by itself length won't matter as much BUT by the time that happens it'll be longer anyway lol. In the end extensions can be temporary and fun to play with colour but I appreciate the rewards of growing dreads 'as is' too.

      I too struggle to keep thick dreads tamed for more than a few days. It's frustrating when I think of how different it would be with thinner dreads but I know I'm in it for the long haul and they'll appeal to me a lot more in the future. I just let it go wild at times as you can see in the photos haha

    2. Living it wild and free, can't go wrong lol

      I'm all scheduled to start my hair July 5th and my lovely co-workers and I are contemplating on doing the whole YouTube thing but we'll definitely see =P

      And I've decided to start off with comb coils and freeform from there. Though, I plan on breaking all the 'rules', so we'll definitely see how this goes, especially since I'll be working out throughout my journey. Wish me luck and can't wait for the next update!

    3. Looking forward to seeing what your beginnings look like and it's rolling round pretty quick.

      Best of luck to you Amaiya!

  2. OMG, your hair is AWESOME!! The thickness!! *drools* The length will sneak up on it when you don't expect it... and then become slightly annoying lol. I'm determined to spend the summer in buns and updos because the heat has me feeling like I've got a sweater on my head. lol

    1. lol Tracey you're too much but thank you. I've watched so many loc videos and it's true there're big changes to be had in most peoples 2nd year.

      And yeah, I guess that's one benefit of short hair hehe. Though the bun idea sounds great.

      Looking out for an update from you!

  3. Hey Naturalocs, I just wanted to show some support for your blog. I started my journey last Nov and ive been an avid reader of yours since the start of the year. I respect the fact you have gone for thicker locs, I myself (mainly due to the environment I work in) was not brave enough so more power to you. You have helped me understand so many thinks about this locing process, the ups and downs and so on so I just wanted to say thanks and I really hope you stick with it.

    1. Hi Jeff, this comment was awesome. I'm pleased the blog has been of good use to you and it's great that you're a UK loc wearer too.

      Only yesterday did I almost wish I'd opted for smaller locs because styling would be much easier but regardless of their size loc are are still gorgeous I just got to wait a little longer to see it lol.

      I'd love see how your journey has been, maybe send a link to a slideshow once you hit a year?