3 August 2013

Update: My Locs in July

 Early/Mid July:
retwisted after new colour

frizz pre-palm-rubbing

Late July:
post palm-rubbing

this pic captured truest colour in natural light


**Photography ownership is held with the blog account holder. DO NOT use without permission**


  1. Love these pictures! Especially love the 2nd one. You look so beautiful and peaceful. I like the lighting in the 6th pic. It came out looking soft and whimsical. Can I steal the 2nd one for my tumblr?

    1. thankyooou, of course you can use that photo. glad you found me on tumblr too now i have a whole bunch of photos to oggle through *afternoon gonne* XD

    2. Thanks!!! It should be posted by the end of this week on http://dreadlockheaven.tumblr.com/.

      I've moved on to a new city. So, I'm going to be a bit busier than usual this week. Thanks again!!! :D xx

    3. Posted fine. Peerlease do a travel blog, photos, videos, anything, I wanna SEE :D

      Blessings for the weeks a head!

  2. hey, i just posted your pic. here's the link: http://dreadlockheaven.tumblr.com/post/58437395675/naturalocs-on-tumblr-and-blogspot

    as for the travel blog, i thought about it, but omg, i have soooo many blogs i can't keep up. hahaha oops ;) i went blog crazy last year and now that i'm busier i'm neglecting a bunch of them. but i am posting some of my travel pictures on my spiritual tumblr. Here's the link to some pictures i took in Tennessee: http://violetabocage.tumblr.com/tagged/my_pics

    It's not much right now. But i am slowly adding to that page. I don't want to overflood anyone with my pics.

    Thanks for being so sweet! Many blessings to you too!!!