15 August 2013

Loc Spot: Festival Locs (2)

Another summer, another chance to relax, dance and admire those inspiring loc wearers. This year I went to a local Caribbean festival to soak up the atmosphere under the sun.

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  1. omg, look how long those locs are!!!! sweet!!! looks like a fun festival and the music must have totally rocked. did you have any jamaican patties? i loveeeeeee patties. and when i'm not in vegetarian mode, i love jamaican curry chicken. :D

    1. Yeah it is was a good day and totally free XD

      With my own locs being so far along I felt quite at home there compared to last year lol.

      To be honest we pretty much spent the whole time eating so I can't comment on the music lol. There were plenty of patties but they were quite expensive and me and my gran were trying to be good and not over indulge. We had jerk chicken, rice, salad and Jamaican dumplings, fruit, sugar cane and homemade cakes but there was so much more to choose from. They had pretty cool merchandise as well though much of it was reppin' the Jamaican flag, Bob Marley or marijuana so I didn't buy anything.

  2. Holy length and loc wonderfulness! I don't think I could have held myself back at such an event with so many people with locs, especially the couple of folks who have hair passed their butt. My neck aches for them but at the same time I'm completely envious lol

    I doubt I'd allow mine to get that long but ya never know! I may keep the length for a daily workout, then kick it into overtime when it comes time to wash. Good LAWD that's a lot of hair!

    1. This just showcases a handful of dreadheads at the fest. I think mid-back length would be the longest I'd be comfortable but I've years and years to think about it lol.