1 September 2013

Update: Reinstalling/Combing Out Locs

This weekend I started combing out my locs. To get straight to the point I was actually all set to tell you how I was just starting to really like my locs but this weekend something changed. I decided to retwist and that's when I realised I don't like how flat and sparse the front and sides look.

I've spent the last two days combing out the locs I don't like and put them in two strand twists:

I'm not sure what the end results will yield but once I'm done I'll let the two strand twists loc up from there.


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  1. Are you resectioning to have a few more locs where it looked sparse?

  2. Can't wait to see the outcome! Love the color by the way...

    1. Great surprise to hear from you. Hoping your family's doing well. I'll check back in October if me and hair make any progress. For now I'm still reeling from the weekend of combing I've just endured.

      Thanks for sticking with me :)

    2. oh and glad you like the colour also!