3 October 2013

Month 18

So my last post was pretty full and really deserved to be a topic all on its own so I reserve this one for my eighteen month old locs. Not a lot to report. They're thick and becoming less unruly all the time (aside from the bottom rows that remains curled and crooked). I see the length in my ponytails but I still can't wait for them all too reach my neck/jaw. Getting a lot of loose hair (about 2" long) at the nape line, is that normal?

Really enjoying this colour, especially as the roots have grown in properly. If you want to colour your I really recommend semi-permanent, no ammonia, no alcohol, hair dyes as I personally vouch for how low risk and non-damaging they are even if used three times a month.

I'm back to retwisting twice a month for now and my hair is in great condition in the cooler more humid weather.  I have a feeling shrinkage has come to end (past the roots), so it'll be length, length, length from here on out.



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  1. Wow haven't you come a long way. Your locs are almost all grown up. I am loving the colour and as always diggin the size.
    Nuff love xxx

    1. Thanks Natty, they really are getting there and it's all a bit sudden. Glad you like the colour and size.

      Still hanging in there :))))

  2. Loving your growth journey...they look fantastic on you and the colour is amazing, You really have got to grips with what works for you and what doesnt...PS: Im following you on Tumblr (great pictures by the way :)

    1. Hi T,

      Thank you so much for the kind compliment and for keeping up with my journey. I'm glad things have worked out so far but I owe so much to following other people's journey and learning along the way.

      Are you my newest follower? I think I have a message from you that I will reply to soon :)