12 November 2013

Curly Edition: Twist Out

Hello all, so since I've gained a little more length I thought I'd give styling another go. This time I used two strand twists to create a crinkle effect.

And here are the results:

The best thing about twist outs, as opposed to braid outs or bantu knots, is that you can retain over 80% of your length and still get the textural effect. The only down side is that two strand twists can unravel at the root while they're drying and it results in a less polished look but I just held them in place with duckbill clips.

I think I'm going to wear this style for my concert.


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  1. I think I am going to try something like this, that way if my hair is looking the way it's looking right now... I won't be in a rush to wash to re-twist it. I love this! They look so good!

    1. Oh great, be sure to post the results! Yeah I just spray my hair with water before putting the twists in and they dry in 4-6 hours.