2 November 2013

Month 19

I'm just so pleased with my hair this month. my twists are two months old and have progressed so quickly compared to my comb coils. I've coloured them, styled them and shampooed them as normal and they behave just like the rest of my hair. I'm now palm rolling them to help the buds form nicely.

My locs are doing just fine as well, they're growing steadily. A number of locs have a tiny area near the root that seems to be starting to loc up by itself. From the scalp my hair is just a normal retwist but about half an inch down there's this spongy, puffy section that then merges into the rest of the loc. As I mentioned before, I hope this spongy area is a bud but I'm not really sure how this works. I understand that there will always be an inch or so of roots that are never loc'd at any one time but how does new growth become loc'd? Can anyone explain?

I'm still moisturising with 100% virgin raw coconut oil after every wash and I retwist my hair two or three times a month. Ponytails and hats are my go-to styling options nowadays as the twists in the front are starting to stick up more and more. By comparison I'm really noticing how tame and flexible my locs are in the back. 
They actually move now!

Remember to check out the naturalocs tumblr page for extra loc photos.


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  1. Your hair is truly progressing so beautifully. You hair looks locked! It's way more tamed than mine. I wish my hair would lie down without the aid of a satin wrap at night.

    1. Thanks Quin, it's almost their. I do retwist quite regularly now as I'm finding it does tame the locs so much better.

      At first I'd read/seen so much on the damage of over twisting that I tried to start out with monthly retwists but I've learnt that over twisting only really applies to how tight a retwist is as opposed to how frequently. I often compare it to loose hair and how it can (and usually is) manipulated everyday without much issue but only when "tight" styles are introduced e.g. micro braid, slick ponytails, etc., does thinning and breakage seem to be more an issue. So I'm not shying away from retwists this time around. And as I don't use any loc'ing products my retwist don't last long at all so I found retwisting more often to be ideal when training new growth. I think it's contributing to why these two strand twist are progressing without the chaos I endured with comb coils.

      And don't you worry every retwist does end in a wrap otherwise my hair would be all up and everywhere too =]

  2. Your hair looks awesome! You're making great progress! Enjoy every stage and length. ;)