6 January 2014

Twist and Tuck (Faux) Crown Style on Short Locs

Hello all, here's the low key loc style I had last week.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Wide bobby pins (choose from small, medium or jumbo for best hold and comfort - I'm using medium pins).

HOW TO: I set my retwist going all back and once I removed the clips the front fell into a natural side parting. From the front I formed the crown by making two single row flat twists going in opposite directions around the perimeter of my head and secured them at the back. Inside the crown I made more flat twists starting from the top of my head, going down, and secured each one again. I then tucked the ends into the crown until I was happy with the look.

With long locs you can do one complete flat twist going around the perimeter of your head to make a real crown and you'll probably get a nice low ponytail/bun at the back or you could have it to the side.

I knew I wanted something sleek and off my face for when I dreass up but with such short length I couldn't figure out how to make it happen until now.

Love it.


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  1. Great Job with the faux crown! Our middle daughter would live to see that post because she wears her hair like that almost everyday. Your hair looks really nice! :) Lock on!

  2. Hi Lady Butterfly, thanks for commenting. I'm so pleased you like the look. I'm very tempted to where this style almost everday too. It's so easy to put together, even in a rush. I just pop some bobby pins in my back and any time I sitting still bus/train or wherever I can put my hair up even without a mirror.

    Wishing you, your daughter and loved ones a great start to 2014 :)