26 June 2012

Week 12: The Cold Water Rinse

Continuing on a hair care theme, we move on to discuss the benefits of ending your wash routine with a cold rinse. This is a common concept within the hair community and something I have heard about in passing but rarely, if ever put into practice.

So why is a cold water rinse so good for us?

In micro-biological terms, cold water is said to close the cuticles along the hair shafts so that they lay flat almost like tiles on a slate roof. Logically this will help seal in more of the H2O our hair needs. It is also said that because the cuticles are flat, hair will look less frizzy  and allow more light to reflect off making the hair appear shinier.

In the spur of the moment I attempted a cold water rinse during my most recent wash and was rather happy with the results. My hair looked fresh and took on a rich black tonality instead of  a dull matt grey. I rinsed for about a minute in water that was cold but not icy. Have a look at the after picture here.

Is this a vital hair care tip? My opinion, at present, would lean toward no. You see, although beneficial, the flatterned cuticles are quite temporary and hair can retain moisture through other means However for those with very dry, very frizzy hair and of course for anyone who wants extra oomph it is indeed a worthwhile course of action. And with that said. . .

Will I continue with this method in future? Perhaps. I may just be converted yet.


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  1. thanks for the review. i've heard of this method a few times, but haven't made the effort to try it on my dreadlocks. i like my warm showers. someone on my blog mentioned that the rinse also helps with dandruff. i may try it just for that reason one day. hope you are well. ;)

    1. I have to agree with you there, warm showers are a must. British "summer" isn't exactly a good reason to brave to cold every morning x)

      I am making the effort to end my showers with a little cold water though. I read that it helps to firm up the skin and so far I'm actually seeing results!

    2. hey i read that too several years. totally forgot about that. i went about a week or 2 showering my legs in cold water, trying to remove cellulite. obviously, i didn't last long. ;) oh well...

      british summer... interesting... i never thought of britain in that way. when i think of england, i think of a city to visit like london and tourist attractions like stonehenge versus seasons and what the british like to do for each season. so what's a british summer like? how are your beaches? is that like the "thing" to do during the summer? do you get long vacations? have things gone upside down with the olympics there? hope you don't mind all the questions. it's fun to hear about regular life in other countries. but if you do, just let me know. it won't be a problem. ciao from sunny florida. :)

  2. I do a cold rinse all the time and I think it works great:))) Thanks for sharing!!!!

    1. I'm glad you've experienced positive results Diva!