3 July 2012

Month 3

Today marks the third month in my dreadlocking journey, which is in fact a quarter of a year!

I must say, things are progressing nicely overall. In the past thirty days I have experienced the advantages of additional hair care and noticed increased budding and shrinkage which, although a good sign, is also a tad frustrating because one day I can twist and tuck and pin to my hearts content and the next they're barely long enough lie down properly. I haven't been able to do flat twists since last month - click here.

Nevertheless, I am really enjoying my hair like this. It's strong, soft and sprouting. Things are so straight forward right now, I know what to do with them and the maintenance fits into my schedule:

Week 1 (weekend): wash, moisturise, retwist.
Week 2 (most days): moisturise.
Week 3 (weekend): start over.

My hair is continuing to mesh and I'm now able to exercise without retwisting. Towards the mid-point in my fortnightly routine my twists swell and look rather unruly but I don't mind the contrast. I still have several locs at the back that need extra help with rubber bands but the front, sides and crown are well on their way.

So far I haven't been entirely happy with the appearance of my baby locs at this length but this month I've grown to appreciate them as a style in themselves. With a little more length and accessories a go, I will wear my baby locs proudly:

(click picture to enlarge) 
scarf accessory from a local charity shop


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  1. Great photos!!! The last one is really nice. Love how you matched your scarf to your glasses. I have a similar style of glasses but in black. Anyway, your locs are looking sweettttt!!!

    1. Thank you, if we had the weather I wouldn't mind wearing scarves more often but it looks like a rainy summer ahead.