4 January 2013

Month 8: Bantu Knot Out

I threw in some bantu knots just before christmas hoping to wear them for the big day. At this length things didn't quite go to plan but here are a few photos of the results anyway:

bantu knot out result on baby locs

new dreads hair style

curly locs

wavy bantu dreads

No styling products, just twisted up on freshly washed hair and left to dry for over 24 hours.

I'm looking forward to trying this again in a year's time...


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  1. Cool! I haven't even tried this look yet. I still have a few dreads in the middle that get sore at the root whenever I try to do something with them. Do you have the same problem? Did you feel any uncomfortable stretching when you did this?

  2. If you've not styled your hair in a while it's not unusual to experience tender spots. This is the first time my hair has been long enough to style/use accessories on in over 7 years. Though this style didn't cause any issues, headbands and ponytail attempts sure do. If you keep at it, the sensitivity will go away but only if you introduce tension gradually and for short periods of time.

    You'll have to wear a ponytail eventually when they're flowing down your back :D :D :D