30 January 2013

Dread Aspirations: Half Ponytail (1)

Back when I started out I mentioned that I had a number of goals I wanted to achieve by month eighteen when I move away and start life as an undergraduate. One of the most exciting goals is of course the ponytail. Well, ...it's getting there folks:

loc pontail thick locs

66 thick locs

thick baby locs

coloured baby thick dreads

This is the first time I've been able to do a ponytail with my own hair since school and I'm lovin' it! Had to mist my locs with water first to reduce the shrinkage but hey...

 Do you think I'll have a full ponytail in nine months time?

Have you reached your hair aspirations?


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  1. Great idea!!! I didn't think about that -- spraying hair with water for more length.

    Do you ever find yourself feeling how long your hair is while taking a shower? I'm guilty of doing that lately and experimenting with ponytails in the shower. :D

    1. Sometimes. I'm guilty of doing subconscious length checks numerous times throughout the day. When I'm home I blurt out "look at the growth" all the time to hahha :P