5 January 2013

Month 9

will be your year!

I have such a good feeling about it, don't you?

Celebrating one year au naturel this month has been quite refreshing. I'm the first to admit that cutting my hair off last year seemed rather impulsive. At the time I'd only been fond of dreads for a couple of months and had never held any previous desire to stop relaxing my tresses. A year on and I'm so happy I went for it and now understand why my inner self had no fear. I had my relaxed hair for seven years and now I have locs that are nine months old:

palm rolled...

...and finally loc'd

retwisted for Christmas Day

 They're truly progressing now and my hair is back to it's original pre-BC length. I've certainly grown into my locs which I take as an external symbol of my newly regained zest for living the way I want to.

Some months ago I celebrated with makeup and a few loc beads but I began 2013 modelling a slightly different head accessory:

scarf-come-head wrap

what do you think?

still needs perfecting in the back

twenty-thirteen will be your year


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  1. Love, love, love the head wrap. it is toooooo cute. and def a good look on you in this new year. Thank-you for the pic collage it really shows how your hair has matured. Love Coco

    1. Thanks Coco, it's always good to hear from you. I'll have to get brave rock it out and about. At least it's great for keeping the warmth this winter :))

  2. Yay well done for sticking it and growing in confidence. Im like the head wrap!

    1. Thanks ma'am, 'preciate your kind words.