1 July 2013

Coloured Dreadlocks: Results Are In

1st of July and the polls have closed on my little survey about what you guys think of coloured dreadlocks.

33 votes were counted over the past nine months and the results are as follows:

 And from top to bottom the options (in full) were:
  1. I'm rocking a colour right now.
  2. I've always wanted to try.
  3. Dread heads should keep it natural.
  4. I have no opinion, it's not my hair.
  5. Beautiful but not for me.
  6. Love them.

I'll be colouring my locs in a two part process; 1) lightening. 2) dying.

I had thought about documenting the progression but as I'm not on the video/vlog platform I don't think I could convey an exact tutorial. Nonetheless, if I can gather a few pictures during the procedure I'll be glad to post them if you're interested?

Have your say in the comment box. If you didn't vote just right down a number 1-6 or elaborate on your opinion.

Check out the results of my coloured locs: Red Locs

*Photography ownership is held with the blog account holder. DO NOT use without permission*

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