3 July 2013

Month 15

Today makes one year and three months for me and my locs. I never thought I'd say it but time is flying.

Hair end of May (just washed):

Now that I'm back exercising regularly I rinse my scalp every week but I'm only using shampoo 1-2 times a month. As you've probably noticed I'm not really sticking to a formal routine, I just base my decisions on what actives and events are happening at the time.

People are starting to instantly recognise that I have locs. My gran however is still baffled by the whole thing but at least she's very pleased with the growth. This month my locs have indeed out done themselves in that department and I finally have a good 3-4 inches un-stretched.

Aside from the odd basket weave, to keep the front out of the way, I'm not really sure how to style my locs. They're just not at that length yet and the side effects from forced tension aren't worth the effort. We'll see what I'm working with by the end of the year.

Recently I've amped up my loc grooming as I'd kind of let the fuzz and frizz go by the by. I've been trying to palm-rub every week to help them grow cylindrically. I found that not tending to them was certainly beneficial while they firmed up but as a result some of my locs in the back had become flat (I wanted to do a separate post on the topic but flat locs proved difficult to photograph). Also the frizz was stringing off to the point where I'd been left with this:


At first I wanted to keep them and see how they'd develop but then they got too stringy and made it seem as though I was thinning so I snipped them off a couple of weeks ago. Now all my tips are even and fortunately non have unravelled.
I have a new favourite that I had to take a snap of:

in love with thickums here, all nice and  loc'd

Hair in June:

Next post: Red locs, excitement all round!


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  1. Looking good there, girlie! I'm lovin' the wild look! Just pair it up with a nice scarf or other accessory and you'll be knocking people on their knees! =P

    Just two more days and I'll be joining you in Loc'dom! xD

    1. If you were curious. You can follow my Hair log here: http://public.fotki.com/EnviedBlue/thick-loc-journey/

      I'm too lazy to blog it here lol

    2. Thanks Amaiya! If anyone had told me my hair would look like this a year+ into this endeavour I'd have laughed so hard...so very hard. Sometimes I think they'll always look like this.

      Anway, I can't wait to checkout your transformation thanks for the link :D

  2. Wooooow! It's been a while since I visited your blog or even blogged. What a difference two months makes. Your locs are massive! Ive just been styling and not paying much attention to length. It's Winter down here so I'm in protective styles. Good to be back.

  3. Your locs are massive, super thick and luscious. I love them. Ive had my locs in protective styles since its Winter down here so I havent paid much attention to the length. Glad to be back to blog-world.

    1. Hey it has been a while and I'm so intrigued to see your locs soon. Looking back I don't know why I didn't do protective styling. I suppose the slow progress and size of my locs made it harder. I'm glad you're back blogging too yummy cooking and all!