26 July 2013

Dread Aspirations: Half Ponytail (2)

A teensy bit longer and much thicker ponytail than six months ago. The main difference being that many of my old locs were combined into the 51 I have now and it really goes to show how much they've matured beyond those little starter coils.

Checkout Dread Aspirations: Half Ponytail (1) if you haven't already. Oh and I'm heading abroad next week. All being well I should be posting my sixteen month update from the sunny shores of Marseille!

Wishing each of you a continually blessed summer XD


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  1. Excuse me while I catch my breath but OMG! You are killing me with this color! Watch, give it another 6 months and you will be owning that ponytail! lol

    I got a long way to go myself but I'm slowly getting there. Though, the shrinkage is SERIOUS and since I'm not doing any palm rolling, everything is growing outward instead of gradually being pushed downward. I'm already looking like a 90's Coolio, by the time I hit 6-8 months, I have a feeling I'll be looking like Goku from DBZ lol

    1. Looooool but Goku though, just don't develop his eating habits and you'll be fine plus as a I recall it was looking pretty cute by the time Goten was rocking it XD

      My hair is still growing up and out too. Every time it's down in a pic I've either retwisted it or shaped it with a head scarf over night (the latter being my go to routine).

      I cannot wait to see how your hair will change. Those twists were already looking the business :D

  2. omg, look at your ponytail... go girl... so loving it!!! :D

    1. thanks v! can't wait to try this again next summer XD