3 May 2012

Month 1

Nappy hair anyone? My babies have thickened up somewhat this week and I think I can finally say my hair is slowly taking to the idea of  becoming "loc'd".

Let's have a quickie comparison shot . . .

most recent retwist...

...6 days later

I've noticed that they unravel from the root but have started to hold at the ends and since I've heard that locs start forming from the ends upwards, I'm pleased this seems to be a little progress. And they're almost 2 inches long so growth is steady which I can attribute to not brushing, combing, blow drying, or using harsh products.

I have been letting things slide in an attempt to cure my HIHS or hands in hair syndrome (contagious but not deadly). I'm slowly starting to let them go at their own pace and appreciate that the fuzzy loc/fro look is completely normal. They've been uncovered for most of the week and my oil spritz' were less frequent. I found having no routine helped me stay out of my hair. So my rule for now is, only twist if the loc has totally unravelled. With that in mind I've noticed that very few of them actually need my attention and that the puffy roots are fine as long as the ends stay together.

So yes, I think I'll celebrate this mini milestone with a trip to London and I might buy some brand new coconut oil. . .or almond oil. . .or both!

Happy 1 month to all new loc'ers out there!!


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  1. Wow, I'm loving your progress. I think they're gonna be beautiful mature dreads.

    1. Aw thank you. I'm enjoying them so much right now it's going immense when they mature. Much appreciate NHBG :-)