6 May 2012

Stocking Cap Rinse

The battle against post-wash unravelling may have just come to an end. I believe this was the third wash and I wanted to try using a stocking cap. In my attempts to make this journey as cost free as possible I always have a look around the house before purchasing any new items. I cut the legs from a pair of tights and tied a knot once the cap was on.

make shift stocking cap

I then wet my hair thoroughly and applied baking soda pressing it into the cap and massaging gently. It seemed to absorb fairly well so I rinsed and repeated the process one more time. I followed up with distilled witch hazel and rinsed with plain water to finish. Here are the results:

An overall success! It wasn't as squeaky clean as previous washes and I still had to re-twist in the back but when I pulled the coils out of the matted shape it was clear they had stayed intact.

Compare here with my first attempt.

Dreadlocks are a lifestyle

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  1. Hiya! Just wanted to say don't worry about retwisting; the stocking cap won't eliminate the need to retwist. It served it's purpose which is too maintain the coils so they don't get lost as a result of the wash. To make sure I got all the dirt out what I did was a final shampoo with the stocking cap on but took it off to rinse so the gunk could flow out properly. However, the shower head needs to be of LIGHT PRESSURE or else all your hard work will be wasted! Good luck :-)

  2. Hey Mz T,

    I like your low pressure rinsing idea. I'm still used to washing my hair as normal but I may go back to the good ol' over the sink rinses for a while. It'll give me a better idea of what's coming out of my hair as well.

    Cheers :)