9 May 2012

Budding: A question of...?!?

Budding: An early stage in the dreading journey where small, pea sized knots form in the loc. Buds signify the beginning of the loc'ing process where a part of the loc has begun to tangle or mesh together forming the nucleus of the loc's struture. This is where all future knotting will stem from, usually downwards and then up toward the root.

So, when your hair is less than three inches long and your locs are just over a month old is it possible to see budding? I think I found a couple but I can't be certain at this point so over to you, a bud there be or (k)not?

Subject A

Subject B
Subject C

Dreadlocks are a lifestyle

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  1. Yep, looks like a bud to me. And it's definitely possible to see them this early. Dreads are awesome because two people can start them the same way at the same time and have completely different experiences.

    1. thanks for giving your insight NHBG, I was surprised to discover buds so soon. looks like you were right. I researched it and it seems common to experience quite a bit of early progress due to regular washes.

      Much appreciated NL