29 July 2012

Colour: Loc Trial Review

Hurrah for experimentation. I quite enjoyed my loc colouring experience and was surprised at how straight forward the process was with the right knowledge and preparation.

An overall good effort. I achieved a notable colour difference, learnt how to lighten and colour locs and most importantly, came one step closer to finding my desired shade. FéRria Plum was exactly what I got but unfortunately it wasn't the colour pictured on the box and was too dark for me. I was hoping for a rich deep red but we didn't quite make it. Let me explain:

Deep Auburn Red
Red has a rediculously wide spectrum and it's easier to say what I don't want than what I do. Firstly, I don't want red with any orange tint. In fact I strongly dislike orangey-red, redy-orange and the like! I also don't want red with any pinky/purple tint.

Intense Red
So what next? Well L'Oréal hasn't failed me yet so I thought I'd move onto a brighter shade in their FéRia collection but then I discovered their Hicolor for dark hair only line and I'm keen to give it a go. Deep Auburn Red, Light Auburn or Intense Red. I can only go by online swatches which isn't ideal but hey, this is trial and error right?

Light Auburn Red
Deep Auburn Red looks like the exact perfect shade I want however in reality it may come out too dark, so perhaps the Light Auburn, but does that look too orange?! Intense Red 'implies' more red that the auburn but the swatch looks ever so slightly pink to me. Oh I don't know...

How about getting Deep Auburn Red AND Intense Red? I can mix the two if it looks too dark.


**Photography ownership is held with memebers at L'Oreal co.**


  1. Girl you are one brave lady! I looked at the other posts and I bet that you'll get that color you are looking for by going with a combinaton of colors instead of just one.

  2. Haha brave. Yes!

    Hoping it'll workout in the end but I'm in no rush. Just focused on keeping my hair cleaning and healthy.