25 July 2012

Loc Spot: Festival Locs

Festival season in full swing so I ventured south by train to a fabulous event in central Gloucester.

Gloucester Park: Live was home to serval talented UK artists as well as California's very own We Are Scientists. And off stage I spotted a handful of festival loc'ers basking in the sun and enjoying the sounds.

I had to be super subtle with my camera but enjoy:

If you don't already know, dreadlocks are still quite rare in parts of the UK. There are limited places to get information about them but their popularity seems to be on a slow incline. I'm glad I got to spot some of the my local loc wearers.


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  1. cool!!! that must have been a lot of fun. wish i had been there.

    1. Haha I've seen pictures/videos of plenty of festivals across America. I'm sure you'll be enjoying your share of fun.

      This festival is definitely recommended though! :)