8 July 2012

Week 13: Thinning?

It's rare that I take successful pictures of the hair at the back of my head but these days you can find information on virtually anything, check out Nappy Headed Black Girl's post  How to Take Pictures of Your Hair.

Unfortunately during my most resent effort I discovered a thinned patch at the nape of my neck.

(click picture to enlarge)

what my nape line looks like now

It's just occurred to me that my hat and nightly head scarf both rest on the nape of my neck and that wearing them everyday may be causing the problem. I can't be certain but I do wear my head scarf tightly and it's probably no coincidence that this is the only affected area. 

I can feel some hair back there it's just very fine and wispy.

Ho-Hum. I have never dealt with this issue before and it's quite alarming, however, all moping aside, my immediate thoughts are; change to an elasticated satin bonnet and invest in some hair growth improving caster oil.

I just hope the damage is reversible...


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