13 July 2012

Thinning: Oil Haul

So this thinning issue had me scouring the net for information about the success of castor oil on natural hair and later for price comparisons. After failing to find an affordable price I decided to head for my local afro hair shop and purchased a couple of potentials...

Africa's Best Ulitmate Herbal Oil: Not exactly what I planned to pick up but having read the back of the bottle carefully I found it to contain only natural oils and extracts and for the price it seemed a worthwhile venture. It also contains castor oil anyway.

West Indian Castor Oil: Now, I did see this brand online and it was cheaper than the most popular brand - Jamaican Black Castor Oil - (by more than half!) and at this particular shop it was even cheaper still. The one thing I was weary of is the lack of a ingredients description anywhere on the bottle, but it claims to be castor oil nonetheless so in the basket it went.

Side note: I have been using a different brand of sweet almond oil for around three weeks now and I feel that the quality is much better than the previous brand I had purchased online. I received it as a gift from my grandmother. It came wih a detailed leaflet and I think you can purchase a vast array of oils at absolute-aromas.com.

Finally, I'm still using lavender essential oil in my daily spritz. No more than 3 drop as it can over power anything which is useful when using castor oil. As you can see it's a well loved  20ml bottle on the right. This is another oil given to me by my grandmother. Couldn't say where she gets it from because she just pops round and "tops up" my bottle from time to time.

I did a hot oil treatment using the Africa's Best and West Indian castor oil this weekend. Now I'm applying the castor oil to the affected area daily. Check out my previous post to see the thinning.


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  1. Nice posting,i am always using herbal products for hair loss.because these product are not side effected on the hair.
    Jamaican Black Castor

    1. Greetings KS, thanks for stopping in.

      Do share what herbal products you would recommend? Knowledge is power.

      Stay up! :)))