3 April 2012

Before the Journey

In preparation for this journey toward healthy beautiful dreadlocks I've been patiently growing my little afro for just under 3 months. After returning to a local salon we decided that my hair was in an ideal condition for loc'ing and that I had just enough length to begin my journey.

Last night I washed, conditioned and dried my hair ready to be "loc'd" for the foreseeable future! It's a weird feeling knowing this may be the last time I'll comb through my loose hair and I'm more than looking forward to it...I even have plans, hopes and dreams for my future locs.

Dreadlock aspirations:

I have about a year and a half until I start a new life chapter as a university student and at that point I hope to have -
  1. Healthy hair. 
  2. A pony tail . . . of any sort! 
  3. A genuine fondness for my hair. 
  4. A better understanding of locs and how to grow them.

texture closeup

three months growth (picked out)

ready to say goodbye to the fro

This morning marks the beginning of my dreadlocking journey. I'll be having coils installed by professional hands and I must say I'm more than a little excited and all too curious about my eventual reaction. I think I'm generally prepared to adjust to whatever the out come will be. After all they'll grow and change and I just might love them right away.

I'll be reporting on the essential stages I go through with my hair and I'll try to give an honest view of what it really feels like.


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