6 April 2012

Day 3: Do-over

MAY DAY, MAY DAY quick update: so the more I read and watched youtube vids about how locs turn out when started by two strand twists and braids the more I felt unhappy with the way mine were going to be. I know, I know it hasn't even been a week but something didn't feel right. The collective chaos of tst's, braids, rubber bands and who knows what else were just. . . not right. I didn't know what was going on up there and that would've limited my ability to manage them myself until the next salon visit.


I took each one out, wet with gel and re-twisted it between my fingers - clockwise as it so happens. I held them all in place with bobby pins, makeshift, I know, but they're holding well and I'll being taking them out later to see how they look after the gel has dried over night:

(click pictures to enlarge)

Easier to sleep in than the rubber bands! So here's how they look...

Experimenting wasn't so bad after all. I think these stand a better chance of forming nicely in the future.

So, spray down with tea tree/almond oil/water mix, annnd done! I feel miles better about this and now I know how to twist my own hair and which method was used in which direction. I'll keep using the bobby pins until I can splash out for some shiny new clips when I return to the salon.


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  1. Your coils look nice! I think you'll like how your locs turn out. Started my locs by palm rolling because I didn't want to wait for a braid or twist pattern to disappear.

    1. Thanks, I know they're not perfect but at least they're all done with the same method. They should thicken up soon :-))

  2. Thank you for your FABULOUS pics. I am in the baby loc phase of the journey and your pics were exactly what I need to see! I think your locs will be beautiful.

  3. Hello and thanks Gri such a lovely a comment and for letting me know of your journey. I'd love to keep up with you if you have a public space on the web? I'm sure your locs will turn out well!