11 April 2012

Loc wear: Accessorise or Cover?

Towards the end of the holidays and beginning to think about how to wear my baby locs when I go back to work. I imagine there will still be a lot of scalp on show so a cover job could be in order, though work gets pretty hot most days so maybe just a scarf accessory to let the babies roam free?

Here are a few cute bands I've seen so far...


Found them on Amazon (UK). The last three are quite cool as they have a bendy wire running through the fabric making bows and loops easier to shape.

I think they'll look better when my loc grow out, especially with the fuzzies so I may go for it...but which one??

And as for something to cover them, Beanies? Head scarves? A cap? I don't know. Not seen any hats now that it's april so may have to wait it out.

Dreadlocks are a lifestyle

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