12 April 2012

Make it your Hobby: Bracelet

On a non hair related topic I have just finished making my first bracelet after deciding to gather the materials a couple of days ago.

The finished product
using a square knot pattern

Instantly wearable

I used the beads from a necklace I found in a charity shop and then purchased the leather string from a jewellery craft store.

More to come!


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  1. cool! that's a project i've been wanting to do for months. want to do several in different colors so that i can layer them. hopefully by the end of the year i will have manged to do them. ;)

    1. You should go ahead asap. I YouTube'd the pattern:-


      It was such a nice pass time. I've never been a naturally crafty person so I'm glad I was able enjoy a simpler project.

      Don't forget to post any stuff you manage to start I'd love to see what you make

    2. thanks for the link. will definitely post my crazy wild creations. ;)