17 April 2012

Week 2

Second week in. It's been eventful. The first wash, another re-twist, lots of research into hair care and returning to work with the newbies. . . .

Following the refreshing wash and twist event last Friday, I have really come back to liking my hair. Looking back I feel like the beginning of week two (pre-wash) was a mini 'ugly phase'. It was like every part of the journey was unravelling (excuse the pun) but once I'd returned to a clean scalp, things really improved. The fuzzies are under control at the moment and the coils are pretty established.

PRODUCTS: The only "products" I'm using now are extra virgin olive oil and water, only two! All natural! After all these permed and processed years how brilliant is that?! I spray most days and I must say, comparing the tea tree with EV olive oil, the latter has proved highly successful. Now that I think about it the last three days have been flake free, itching is virtually nonexistent and my hair actually feels soft, like, really soft, you know. Way less re-twisting so far and I feel happier leaving them alone for longer, though the softness makes them so touchable :D

Still on the look out for affordable coconut oil or jojoba oil for the possible future but I am more than happy with the olive oil and water spritz as a permanent moisturiser.

One thing I am doing differently is leaving my hair uncovered in the shower. For the first week I thought damp hair would lead to problems but after a day where I forgot to put on a shower cap I noticed my hair really perked up. I've read so much about water being really good for locs but I didn't think that included moisture from the shower until now. I think it's made a real difference to the look and feel of my hair, in fact I actually don't recall when my hair last felt this soft without conditioner.

So, the holidays have finally come to an end and going back to work I had to make that major decision between uncovered, scarves or hats...

Here's how I had my hair for work:

Yeah I went with the hat, too early for scarves and I love wearing purple (donated by my family at the last minute). Working with children I didn't feel comfortable leaving them uncovered, you know teens can pick up on anything "different".

I liked it a lot, I'm pleased that the satin head scarf fitted underneath. No comments, but it did give me a chance to forget about my hair for the evening and it was so good to be effortlessly natural.

Onto week 3 - check it!


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