2 April 2012

Dread Love

I love dreadlocks. I mean they're certainly not dull.

Talking to a loc wearer is often an enlightened. Their hairstyle of choice is so often interwoven with their personality. Like almost any other natural form of expression dreadlocks take confidence. They require love and time. Dreadlocks aren't controlled they are nurtured and whenever I see a person with a healthy head of dreads I feel a rising combination of admiration and excitement. Whether their locs were created that day or almost as mature as the person sporting them, they have entered into something extraordinarily cool!

The thing about dreadlocks is that they require acceptance, personal acceptance that is. To change something about yourself that is exposed to the world everyday takes personal strength.

Once again with the nurturing perspective, we do have to tend to our hair, guiding it to health and prosperity but in the end when the dreads have begun their journey, secure and strong on their own, they do it by themselves and for themselves and it's hard not to want to share in that liberation.

Every now and then dreadlocks find their way to modern day fame, which increases their popularity.. I'm always influenced my music and it was only natural to be inspired by the select artists that have proudly joined the dreadlock nation:

Dreads grow with a person, maturing over time and I love how every loc is different, every person wears their locs differently and there appears to be a unique understanding between loc wearers.

Dreadlocks seem to free their owners in a way that allows them to live life with who hearted conviction. Amongst other things, woman with dreadlocks show gentleness, femininity and individuality.

I can say once again that I love dreadlocks!


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