10 April 2012

Week 1

My first week being "loc'd". I've enjoyed it for the most part, adjusting to the curly hair I haven't seen in years, and imagining how it'll look and feel in a month or two. It's be very positive. On the flip side the things I didn't expect in the first week; stray hairs, frizzing after light rain, itching and a heavy urge to wash my hair. Overall  they're considerably high maintenance right now but I do like them, kinda. I think after the first salon wash, re-twist and dryer session they'll feel better.


And for the end of week 1:

Sooo as you can see, a few firm and healthy looking twists here and there in the front but a couple at the crown toward the back looking a bit looser and fuzzier, certainly a "unique" hairdo. After managing a few of them I stopped re-twisting for the rest of the week as they were holding up on their own from day to day even when I run my fingers through, well, except for four in the back which unravel every day but I finger twist them back in with bobby pins (but no products). The back seems slightly softer in texture and sometimes comes loose from the satin scarf at night so they probably won't hold until they get a little longer and get a proper re-twist under the dryer.

finger coil (back right corner)

For now I just need to get through the next 3 weeks with patience and let them firm up.

The almond and tea tree oil & water spray worked quite well when I remembered to use it. The itching did stop once I'd sprayed it and the day after they did feel moisturised, which I assume is due to the water.

On to week 2 . . .


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