5 April 2012

Moisturise your Locs

Day 3 and the scalp dryness and itching is starting up as usual. I'm not sure what to use but since the oil and water spray seem to be a popular choice I guess I should choose an oil.

So, I've gone for tea tree and almond oil (5% tea tree) and found a standard spray bottle to recycle so I'll spray the scalp every few days and see how that goes.

In a 150ml spray bottle I've put a tablespoon of tea tree and almond oil mixture and filled the bottle with water half way (75ml approx.) then will mix vigorously before each application and rub into my scalp.

Oils that seem popular:

Olive oil
Sweet Almond oil
Argan oil
Jojoba oil
Caster oil
Tea tree oil**
Coconut oil
Aloe Vera oil
Lavender oil**

I'll try each one until I find something that works for me. Suggestions???

**Note: Some pure essential oils must not be directly used on skin and hair. Dilute in a carrier oil before application to prevent irritation and damage to skin and hair. Read all product information carefully before use.

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  1. You have a good list of oils. I like jojoba as a scalp oil because it's light and closely resembles the sebum we naturally produce.

    1. I like the sound of jojoba oil. I'll have to shop around for a small bottle. Also olive oil is everywhere so I might try that next.

      Thanks for following :-))

  2. So I just washed my baby twists after 6 weeks.. I don't think I should've it looks like theyre las out but u can still feel the little nots.. Should I wait till my hair air dry before retwist ing?

    1. Many people re-twist while the hair is still damp after washing though, as I like to air dry too, I've found that towel drying my hair and then spraying each loc with water as I re-twist each one shaves an hour or so off the drying time.

      I know its looks like a failed attempt after washing but your locs are still there. Even 7 months in, every time I wash they look so puffy I feel like they've come out but when my hair starts to dry and I feel my head I can tell the locs are still in there. Try rubber banding the tips of any locs that are out f control before washing, then you'll know for sure that they're still intact.