3 April 2012

Day 1

Current Hair Stats:

Colour: Black, Natural

Big Chop: January 2012

Length: 1" inch

Loc Birthdate: 3rd April 2012

Starting Method: Finger Twists/Braids/TST's/Rubber bands

My journey begins!!

I've come away from the salon with a new do and some concerns. The whole process was nothing like I expected; not a comb coil in sight. There are however, several finger twists, braids, two strand twists and a sprinkling of micro rubber bands.

The hairdresser grabbed random sections of hair and used Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist GEL on dry hair. I was sent home to let the gel air dry so I bought a few items on the way (listed below).

As I was only able to inspect my hair when I was home I didn't know what was going on with my hair but I've decided to go with it and trust that this is the best way to start, after all, dreadlocks don't form over night. I will assume that the short length had something to do with why my hair was started this way...

Either way, my babies are born, far from dreadlocks but the journey has truly begun YESSS!

new beginnings

wasn't prepared for the amount of scalp on show

can braids become locs?

is this a vague parting pattern?

I do like them,somewhat.

So for now no washes until the new growth comes in, as advised by the hairdresser and regular twisting as my hair is so short and let's not forget a satin wrap for sleeping in. Daily oil and water spray to "moisturise"??? Maybe.


Starter twists £25
Stay on Satin scarf £2.99
Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist GEL £1.99

Let's see how things go . . .


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